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Test the integrity of your mobile ISP's data network.

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This app is designed to enable the user to test if data files are being sent correctly to their device from the Internet, by computing and comparing the size and SHA-256 checksum of each file tested.

You can test your connection by selecting one or more files to test and just clicking the test button. Just tap on a test to see its details, or use the Create Test menu option to add your own tests. Note that to create a new test, the app needs to detect the correct checksum and size of the file, and therefore must be run over a trusted WiFi network, or, by using HTTPS.

You can see a summary of your test results, including the effective transfer rate; tap on a result to see its details, or select one or more results to share, by means of either a brief text summary, or a detailed comma-separated values (CSV) file.

Lastly, you can quickly and easily see some details about your phone and network connection, including APN (for GSM mobile networks), and MCC+MNC (country and carrier code).

This app was created after the author discovered in late 2011 that a US mobile provider had begun compressing JPEG (and some PNG and GIF) files sent over their network via HTTP, and realized that there was a need for a quick and easy way to conclusively verify and quantify the effects of this compression.

Advanced Users -

Normally, if you can connect your phone to a WiFi network that you can trust (i.e. you are sure there are no proxies) when you need to create a new test, then you should do so as it is probably the easiest method for adding a new test.

However, if you do not have access to a trusted WiFi network from your phone, but you do have wired or wireless connectivity on a laptop or desktop computer that has Java 6 or higher installed, you can use the NetHash Applet to create a new test.

The applet is easy to use, just like the NetHash Android App. Enter a valid HTTP URL that points to a file, click "Compute", and a QR code will be generated that can be imported into the App. Just go to Create Test, and choose "Create Test from Barcode", and the test will be instantly added to your test list.

Note: When running the applet, be sure to click "Run" when warned about the applet's digital signature.

Dermochelys Software, Inc. does not yet have a digital code signing certificate that is signed by a third-party certification company.

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